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What is the Internet of Things? And how does it work?

So, you grew up smart, one of the cleverer kids among the pack. And now you sometimes feel threatened. All of a sudden everything is getting smarter. Not only people but also the inanimate stuff you use. They sometimes act even smarter than you. And you hear that the party has just started. You naturally begin to wonder how did everyday lifeless things get so smart? Well, this smart revolution is taking place thanks to IoT or the Internet of Things. In the simplest example, these smart IoT devices are connected to the net. The aim behind connecting the two is to make life easier for you and make the devices more useful.

The concept is just starting to catch on. The terminology and examples of the tech bare yet to gain prominence in public perception. In fact, many of the aspects of IoT are still subject to debate. Worry not, in a matter of minutes you too will be IoT-Literate

What is IoT?

The driving idea behind IoT is to digitize and connect everyday tools. This makes it possible for us to interact and control them over the internet. Even with the current tools, you can see what’s going on in your house and even control your appliances, all through your mobile app.

IoT devices can be of different categories. These include wearables or smart things that can be work, appliances in your home and even your car. IoT is also all set to radically alter the worlds of healthcare and transportation.

They say things are best explained with examples. Well, consider an IoT thermostat that is connected to the net through Wi-Fi. Users can modify temperatures through mobile apps. To add some wizardry the devices has AI and before long learns your temperature preferences throughout the day.

This can potentially save you some money and help us to make better use of our resources. Suppose you left the AC on while leaving home. No problem you switch it off from your office through the mobile app. You like the room temperature a little below normal while going to sleep. Your smart thermostat does that automatically for you.

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How Does IoT Work?

The technicalities behind IoT is quite complex and few people will understand them. In simple terms, a number of wireless radios let the devices connect to each other and the internet. The medium of connection may be things like Wi-Fi, RFID, Low-Energy-Bluetooth, NFC and the like. Sometimes a central hub controls the interactions between the various devices.

The last component of the IOT architecture is the Cloud. Through its data is constantly collected and analyzed and made simple for people to take effective action. The user can then decide what to do.

Truth is stranger than fiction the saying is quite old. Only now can we see how true it is!

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