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10 Most Popular Ways To Generate High Website Traffic

Introduction to Web Traffic Concept

Every website has some people that have visited them. Either it is accidentally or through their search queries on search engines. People visit a countless number of web pages and websites on a daily basis. This is what is known as traffic to the website. The exact implication to the term would be the number of visitors that have visited a website/webpage that generates data being sent or received. This doesn’t include the traffic generated by bots.

The traffic to a website can also implicate the amount of data sent or received by a visitor to the website. This account for most parts of the internet. Through the analysis of the instant website traffic, the page owners and developers come to know which part of the web page is most active in drawing the attention of people. This help to structure the sites, highlight security problems and indicate a potential of lack of bandwidth for the website.

Digital Marketing | Online Marketing

How to increase website traffic fast

There are an estimated 1.4 billion websites in the world and more being added each day. As a fundamental work of marketing in charge or a business owner, the prime focus would be in getting more customers. This would mean more business and better expansion through good services. There have been multiple theories and strategies that have been adopted by marketing experts in order to bring more traffic to a website. Some of the interesting and common ways of increasing the traffic to a website are:

1. Online advertising:

One of the most primitive yet most basic ways of increasing sales or visitors is through advertising. There is a system of paid advertising and paid search of a website, product or any display item. All these form an excellent way of attracting visitors to your site to increase sales. It builds brands and adjusts the paid strategies to suit the goal of the company. There are highly targeted commercial keywords that may be opted to make the advertising more fruitful.

2. Social media:

The social media platform is the perfect ground for marketing of the website and brings in more traffic. Everyday there are more and more people making an account on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. However, the use of twitter and google+ may also help in bringing website traffic. The account on twitter and strategies on twitter can bring short term links to drive in more traffic. Google+ can be used to generate traffic for B2B business profiles. When using a lot of images or visual content for generating business and increasing traffic one may want to opt for Pinterest or Instagram as these social media platforms have more visual content than written promotions.

3. Innovate and mix:

There is no hard and fast rule on how to attract an audience and bring them to your website. The only way this can be achieved is through valuable and rich content. If the content written is very long, it gets too boring for the audience to read. Making it visually attractive, funny, witty can help draw the attention of the audience. The traffic increase giving your website a good boost in sale and business.

4. Good Headlines:

It is always the most attractive heading and witty quotes that grab all the attention when it comes to comprehensive blogs. Publishing the blogs with an attractive headline that catch the eyes of the reader may certainly draw their attention. This could draw traffic to the website certainly and possibly give the company business.

5. Long tail keywords:

Unbelievably the longer keywords account for most of the search on the search engines like google. This mean targeting longer keywords in the blogs and SEO content could generate a lot of traffic and bring in possible business. Targeting the paid version of the long tail version of the keywords gives a major benefit to the website traffic and brings in more visitors.

6. Referral traffic:

It is wiser to link other sites to yours when you are trying to link visitors and draw traffic to your website. In the United States of America, the New York Times had their links set us through the popular National Geographic. This gave the New York Times a heavy spike in the traffic.

7. Internal links build up:

The popularity and traffic of your websites do not depend on how many websites are linked to your website, but how many internal linking structures are present within the website itself. When creating and publishing content it is very crucial to publish and set up internal links. This helps with the SEO with better results for the users.

8. Faster loading of the website:

To draw traffic to the website one has to consider making the website faster in loading. It is painfully agonizing for a person to visit a website that does not load fast. Making the website technically optimized to load fast allows the visitors to visit the websites. Updating the site with smaller size files, graphics and using the functionality of a 3rd party plugin is a good way to start.

9. Responsive site:

Since mobiles phones have become so widespread that every person has a smartphone with them with a good internet connection. People these days do not bother visiting websites through desktops, many don’t even have desktops. To combat this problem the developers make the site “Responsive”. This term basically means that the site would adjust to the size of different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and even desktops. This increase the audience potential of a website, giving the possibility of drawing higher traffic.

10. Video Marketing:

Including video in your content strategy is one the proven ways to attract visitors and convert them into your customer. Research shows that information retention through videos is much higher than it is for text. Marketers consider video marketing as one the best ways to grab and hold the attention of audience and the same time increase website traffic.

To learn more about video marketing refer to this amazing blog on: How to get started with video marketing

Adopting different techniques and strategies to increase website traffic is not just an effective means to bring visitors to the website but it also promotes sales. If all strategies are aligned in a proper manner, the website will surely get traffic. Increasing traffic and boosting the count of visitors to a website is a slow and tedious task. Giving up too soon would result in massive blunder while not adopting strategies also can lead to a mess. So it is worth learning the steps on how to increase web traffic through planned techniques and strategies.

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