Technology Industry 2018 | Augmented Reality | Blockchain | Automation | AI September 26, 2018

Top Trends in Technology Industry 2018 That You Should Know

The forward march of technology continues unhindered. The scorching pace of technological progress has ensured that every day we come across a promising new technology. Promising new ideas by an innovative mind might potentially revolutionize the way we deal with the world around us. Such innovative changes affect the mode of operations of organizations of all sorts and varieties.

Computing capacity is growing, connectivity is increasing by leaps and bounds. Also, the data stored about the human condition is increasing at an exponential rate. Under such circumstances, it is indeed difficult to predict where technology will take us in a matter of weeks. But still the top trends in the technology industry in 2018 as envisioned by us are as follows:

AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI is simply humanized machines or those machines to which human characteristics may be attributed. These attributes include things like reading, speaking, observing and even the recognition of emotions. AI like true intelligence learns from repeated interactions. They make use of algorithms that adapt themselves to the location, user-history or speech. AI machines can complete tasks with much more accuracy and swiftness that erstwhile could only be completed by human beings.

Technology Industry 2018 | AR | Blockchain | Automation | AI

According to research, in the coming few years all software will make use of AI at one level or other. The advantage of AI lies in its ability to provide services and products that have a competitive edge over their competitors. This advantage is very difficult to copy.

Augmented reality

With the eclectic combination of sound, 3D vision in real time, location, the touch sensation and other senses people are able to get a taste of being somewhere else. Augmented reality is being embraced with open arms by fields as diverse as entertainment, arts, education, commerce, and heck! Even the military. AR is being used in the training of nurses and doctors, police officers as well as teachers. Soon there will be fully enabled AR function in your smart device as well.


It is important to view Blockchain independent of digital currencies like Bitcoin which admittedly played a great part in bringing the idea to the spotlight. From detecting hacks in digital voting systems, recording and verifying transactions to storing records with the knowledge that if they have tampered with that fact will be there for you to know, Blockchain promises much.


Robots used in the manufacturing sector are in no way a novelty dating back to as early as the sixties of the previous century. But the automation that we talk about today, the scale and breadth of the revolutionary transformation that it brings with itself is something confined to pages of fiction hitherto. This great epoch-making change has been made possible with progressive leaps in things like ML or machine learning as well as the connectivity which is available these days.

Automation potentially will bring about revolutionary change on a mass scale from home devices to massive applications used in industries. The social and economic outcomes of this automation can only be unfolded by the passage of time.Automation is already disrupting several professional services like finance and law. The word that is coming out of such industries is that personnel with solid core technical, managerial and people skills is to be valued the most.

Internet of Things

The mixture of tech with that of connected people and devices, services and content have been dubbed as the “intelligent digital mesh” by none other than Gartner. In the days to come, this will herald in several new vistas which include in its scope business models and platforms. The implications of IoT or the Internet of Things will completely transform our lives and will permeate into great changes in economics, law, politics as well as business.

IoT is still in its fairly early stages of development. But even in this early stage the potential of IoT to technically sound personnel with skills in data analytics in making use of the steady and rich data provided by IoT is evident.

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