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Top 10 Features Of Successful Mobile Commerce Applications

Technological advancements have given rise to the development of application for most business purposes. Since everything has become online and the internet is accessible through the devices on our hands, it is very natural that business plans and strategies would also evolve over time. Numbers speaks for themselves, as per the survey about 62% of people have made an online purchase through their mobile phones. About 81% of people shopping have checked the online reviews of products and looked for cheaper alternate location even while shopping.

To develop an e- commerce website application with a good user interface, one must adhere to a few important parameters to ensure the complete utility of the application. There are many minute details that an application must have to make it user friendly for the customers. This would generate good business and bring in customers. The convenience of the customers also enhances the online presence.

Some of the good ecommerce mobile app features for making an application top notched ones are:

Simple registry-

An application like those of e-commerce and other official sites that involve business transactions have a system of creating ids for the users. These ids are created for the secured verification process and to keep the data of the person intact. Any application that has a registry option should keep the process of registering easy as possible. Things have become so connected and easy that if an application asks for too many information, customers/clients tend to get annoyed and abandon the application altogether. This would have a negative impact on the company and its product/services.

Easy navigation-

One of the most annoying things that people face in an application is the difficulty in finding options. There must always be a search bar or tab for ease in navigation for the user. The search result should be able to show the products even if the customer is not able to type the exact name of the product. If the search options do not lead to any relevant results then there would be no conversion.

Creating a personalized experience-

Whenever there is a creation of id and profile for any application, the id holders would always like to their personal choice to be part of their profile. The users create an id and give the most relevant information like:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender

Although these parameters do not affect users they do help in the personalization of an account. The application can track the browser history and gain access to the relevant information of the person. This allows the sending of right suggestion and offers to the right customers as per their choice of products.

Versatile payment options-

Since there can never be a direct payment to any website or application there must be a secured 3rd party payment gateway. Users should have multiple payment gateway options so that there is not sort of inconvenience in the payment. The user should feel safe and secure with their money and the online purchase through the application. If the process is too complicated, customers drop the plan of purchasing and leave the payment incomplete. This would cause drop in the sales of the company. Having all types of payment method within the application gives rise in the sales of the products.

Push notification-

A push notification is a very important feature in all the application of today. Keeping this system of a push notification within your application would ensure users information about the products and offers. It involves immediate promotion of products, discount offers and other new products that the users may be interested in. This can also result in great boost in the business.

Good user friendly theme-

A simple theme that is not to gaudy and bright but at the same time attractive to the user is perfect for application background and layout. There must be more of visual content than written content. People usually do not spend time on reading content rather more images and videos of the products build a good application theme.

Mobile Commerce Applications | Mobile App Development Company

Complete branding-

Get a custom mobile application with your own logo and colour scheme. One can always hire mobile application developers to develop your official application with a custom brand logo.  All these can be achieved through a small nominal cost of development.

Synchronization option-

When a company creates an official website and lists its products and services on that website, people access and buy products through an id they have created on that webpage. Now when the same very company decides to create an application where people signup and login through the application.  Now if there is a change in the profile of a person through the webpage the ecommerce mobile app feature should synchronize with the information and data. This means that both the application and webpage should have the same information and data related to the same profile. The synchronization of both should be consistent and instantaneous to avoid loss of data and information within the profile of a person.

Multi-language support-

Since not a lot of people are familiar with English and when you want to expand your business nationwide as well as internationally, it is best to keep multi-language options for the website and the application. This would just increase the customer range and bring the company more profit.


Building an application that would not only cater for your local clients but also for the international ones make the brand international. To achieve this the application must accept currencies of different countries.

Google analytics-

The full measure of the application can be found out through the google analytics.  Google analytics help the application determine what the users love and what their preferences are. This gives the company a better understanding of its customers.

Product review option-

The reviews of a products gives the honesty and sincerity of the company towards its customers. When there is an option to post reviews the customers feel a lot safer while purchasing products. They can read reviews of other people who have officially purchased the item in order to make up their minds.

Related Product options-

Most of the popular e- commerce application and website have the related product options to show the buyers different products that may appeal them. This gives the person more options to choose from and most times people end up buying more products than what they initially logged in for. This gives the company immense rise in the sales.

Quick Checkout (logout)-

The faster the checkout and logout option of the application the better the users find it. Making the application very user friendly and quick in response. The shipping and other documents related to the purchase of the products must also be fast and efficient. The customer retention should be the most important priority of the company through these application.


Here we have some of the features that a mobile application should have in order for it to be very effective in carrying out the business goals.  If you are planning on creating an application or a website with all the features given above then our skilled team at HIPL will help you build it. HIPL is one the most trusted app development company that can help you transform your app idea into reality!

If you need help or ideas on developing up your official mobile app, feel free to contact us.

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