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Keeping our habit of spending hours on our smartphones, we could look at several other less obvious ways, yet interesting ways, in which technologies penetrate our lives. Ranging from wearables, signals, and sensors, to smart home appliances; there are loads of “Internet-connected things” we interact with every day.

While most people are spending 8-10 hours a day at their workplaces, it is only obvious that office automation through IoT is gaining momentum rapidly. According to recent reports, the size of the smart office market is steadily increasing. It amounted to $22.21 billion in 2017 and is announced to double by 2023, reaching a whopping $46.11 billion.

There are good reasons for adopting smart office technology. By the use of IoT in office buildings, we can increase work productivity, streamline routine tasks, and create comfortable working environments for the employees.

An office space equipped with IoT devices, and connected to the internet, is called a “smart office”. It points towards an intelligent ecosystem which is depending on a number of connected devices that monitor, control, and manage various operations, processes and working conditions.

The diverse computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, channelize and impart office information required for fulfilling basic tasks, Is referred to as Office automation. The very basic functions of office automation include : Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information. It helps in optimizing or automating existing office procedures.

The Office automation system was already a popular term in business process automation since the 1970s and 1980s when the desktop computer boomed into the scene. But in the current time, it is gaining unimaginable prominence, importance and growth in huge multinational corporations.
The main advantages of using an Office Automation system are:

  • It reduces the manual effort to complete prosaic tasks
  • The chance of manual errors is curtailed
  • The processing time for units is reduced and save
  • It becomes easy to get insights into process performance
  • Facilitates greater process visibility and helps identify potential gridlocks
  • It helps make intelligent business decisions based on the data collected
  • Office automation enhances efficiency of your workflow, but for enabling that, one needs to move beyond emails and digital forms to really adopt it.
  • It reduces the need of a large staff
  • More than one person can update data simultaneously in case of any changes in schedule.

The backbone of office automation is a LAN, which lets the users transfer data, mail and even voice across the network. All office functions fall under this connection.The aid of technology has made it easier for offices to manage staff, accounts and stock.Most ofthe manual tasks that had to be done by hand, can now be completed through electronic devices, accompanied by UPC and SKU coding.

Among the growing process automation solutions provider companies, HIPL is the right choice for your office. We provide smart office iot solutions. We solve your problems and lighten your burdens.

Sparing a look at the problems faced by offices nowadays, we could list the solutions we provide to you:



Even if offices have biometric devices for employees and staff, in most cases, at the end of the month, an excel sheet has to be generated manually to track attendance and determine payroll. This involves human intervention and manual efforts, consuming too much time and energy. And also, there stands a possibility of human errors.


HIPL provides a completely automated system for your office. The attendance and access control service is provided by a single IoT unit. There is no need of human intervention. Through the biometric scanner, the attendance of the staff is recorded and at the end of the month, the machine generates the pay slips of every staff all by itself. The calculations are made based on the data collected. There arises no need of any excel sheet. The entire process takes place automatically.



In big offices, often a problem is faced regarding arranging conferences, because in a huge office, it becomes difficult for the employees to find out whether the conference room is empty at the time they want to conduct it. In case you have a big office, you will either have to go by yourself to check whether conference rooms are available or not, or you have to send some staff to check it.


The Office Automation system of HIPL, makes your work easy. In the mobile application itself, you can know whether the conference room is empty or not. If not, you can get information regarding when the scheduled time for the conference to end is. You can book slots from the app accordingly and fix your conference. Through the app itself you can inform the staff you want to hold the conference with, you can let them know of the time and purpose and the room allotted for the conference.



When guests arrive in big offices, it is natural that some food or snacks are arranged for them, depending on the time of the day they are coming at. For this, you have to call the office canteen, let the staff who looks after the pantry know what you need and when you need. You either have to go by yourself or make a staff do it. It requires human involvement.


In our app, you can easily place order through your phone. The staff in charge of the pantry will get to receive your order on his mobile app and get the work done on time. This requires no going from the office to the pantry or calling people from the pantry to give orders. Everything is getting done through the app, fast and easy.



Setting appointments with top officials is a hectic job. In involves a series of consecutive phone calls, messages, e-mails, discussing available time slots, following up, etc. Too much of work? HIPL gives you the solution.

when you need. You either have to go by yourself or make a staff do it. It requires human involvement.


Fixing appointments become a very easy process with the Office Automation System of HIPL. Anyone who wishes to seek an appointment with any official at your office, can visit your website. He can seek an appointment and fill in the required personal details. The person he wants to meet will get a notification of the meeting on his app. If he is free, he can accept the request and reject or reschedule it if not available. No need of making calls and messages. All will be done online through the app.

HIPL provide you with the five most essential features of The Office Automation System:

  • Easy workflow
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Integration with software
  • Reports and analytics
  • Access control options

Want to make your office work fast and smooth?

Contact us for today for IOT based Office Automation system and we will help you upgrade your office to SMART office!

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