Games have been an enduring fascination for humanity throughout time. Like it is reflected in children's rhymes work and play go hand in hand. Gone are the days when play and work(or learn) were two different distinct activities. Play appeals to the lighter vein of people and catches them unassumingly. This ensures that your business needs are met with unforeseen subtlety.

In our times, a landmark development is the harmonious marriage of the two. This is known as gamification. The best gamification companies present marketing and learning material as games. These types of mobile game development not only ensure hours of fun but also meeting marketing and learning objectives. The mobile platform ensures that gamification solution is ready to be used as per the wishes of the user. Gamification, however, extends beyond the confines of learning and marketing. A good android game development company provides different types of 2D game development and 3D game development services for contexts that are seemingly alien to games.

The Tech We Use

This gamification revolution has been facilitated by the rise of gaming engines. Simply put, these are the set of software tools used to make games. HIPL makes use of only the latest and best game development tools out there for developing games intended for a variety of platforms including ios game development . This includes:

  • Unity
  • Cocos 2DX
  • Unreal

Scope of The Game Development Work of HIPL

As mentioned gamification is the application of gaming principles to any non-game context. This naturally includes a vast variety of different types of games.
HIPL has attained considerable mastery over the following types:

  • Role Playing Game
  • Real Time Strategy
  • First Person Shooter
  • Third Person Shooter
  • Combat Game
  • Word Game
  • Casino Game
  • Racing Game
  • Card Game
  • Board Game

The Only Ideate, Forget Solution Around

Whether you need a gamification solution for marketing or e-learning needs HIPL is the best option you have. Even if you are looking just to develop an idea for a game, HIPL ensures a three sixty-degree solution. It means that all you have to do is to furnish us with the requirements. The expert team of HIPL will look after everything else from development to maintenance of the game solution!

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