E-commerce definitely has the numbers backing it. Just consider the following piece of fact revealed by Statista: "In 2017, e-commerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in sales and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021." That's the kind of market you can tap into with e-commerce web applications. It would be foolish for any business not to hire a quality e-commerce web application development firm and exploit the online sales medium. This is especially true of retail enterprises. But before diving into the benefits of e-commerce solutions let's clarify what it is.

Ecommerce Web Design to Increase Sales & Conversions

What is a e-commerce web application?

E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce or EC. Through the terms, the online buying and sale of goods or the transmission of data or funds are referred to. The type of business transactions maybe B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B. Through e-commerce web apps users can make e-commerce transactions over the web interface.

Why your business must have an e-commerce web app?

These days it is absolutely essential to have an e-commerce web app for your business. The benefits include but are in no way limited to:

  • Quick page load and being connectivity independent
  • Increasing the quality of user experience
  • Easily discoverable through search engines
  • Keep the user engaged
  • Install and share without effort

E-Commerce at Hemraj

HIPL makes use of the latest as well as the most tested and secure of technologies for its e-commerce web development services. The tech stack used by us include:

  • Php (Magento, WooCommerce, travel etc.)
  • .NET
  • Java

The Domain of Our Work

HIPL develops almost any type of web app meant for e-commerce purposes. Having said that its forte lies in:

  • Service-based E-Commerce
  • Product Based E-Commerce
  • Downloadable Products based E-Commerce


There are a number of factors rooting for HIPL as your number one choice of e-commerce web app developer. These include:

  • Technological expertise

    You need a developer that knows the ins and outs of the concerned tech and CMSs well. The HIPL team gives you just that.

  • Quick and safe processing of payments

    E-commerce means online transactions. HIPL ensures they are quick and safe.

  • Outstanding communication during the entire development process

    Communication is key to ensure that your business goals are met. Give us a call and try us out!

  • 24*7 support

    Things will at some point in the time go wrong. 24*7 after sales support provided by HIPL ensures that you are ready.

  • Maintenance

    HIPL is the ultimate web solutions provider that espouses the service idea of giving the detailed requirements and just that. The maintenance support provided by HIPL ensures a worry-free business for you.

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