The new wave of the Internet gave rise to the idea of switching almost everything from offline to online. Gradually, with time, the ticketing industry transformed and matched the online world. From hand-made tickets to printed tickets and now the popularity of E-tickets, things changed. When people began to trust in online ticketing, the crowd shifted towards it with time. A hassle-free solution to all the ticketing issues stands out to be a boon both for ticket buyers and also sellers. This led to the popularization of the QR code payment solution.

What is the solution all about?

QR Pay is a QR enabled payment system that is used for easy access through entrance gates and various places that involves ticketing. It helps to verify the necessary details of every person that is given access. It can also be integrated into QR code mobile payment system.

QR Pay is an App based Access Control system that employs QR code technology and is usefully applicable in the following fields:


In various events like parties, banquets, stage shows, etc., QR Pay enables booking of tickets from beforehand, and entry is made through QR code, which eliminates the need to stand in queues. An IoT based automated ticketing system software solves the problem.

Movie Theaters

Also, QR Pay has fundamental uses in movie halls, where, at the gate, a QR scanner will be installed and tickets will be booked online. During entry, the customer can show and scan the QR codes received, and enter without any hassle. Payments will be made through QR Pay.


In vehicle parking areas, QR pay helps in easy allotment of vehicles, there is no need of waiting in the queue. People can easily book their parking slot in their mobile apps, and scan the QR code given to them at the time of entry and exit. They will make the payment online, making E-ticketing hassle-free.

Amusement Park Gate

In amusement parks, museums, zoos and other places of visit for recreation, QR pay can be used for easy and smooth ticketing. A QR code scanner will be installed at entry and exit points to payment and entry hassle-free.


The QR PAY is an IoT integrated scanner modules along with a processor module which replaces the conventional ticketing system. The e-ticket would be a QR code generated by the application system, which would then be sent to the mail/phone of the person through authentication granting the entry after scanning.

This hassle-free entrance gate management system has the following advantages:

  • Replaces the paper/token forms of ticketing.
  • A secured double authentication for the user and the organization using QR PAY
  • Replaces RFID, paper, token tickets changing them to a simple QR code
  • Easy setup and low installation charges.

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