Medical Imaging Service

Medical Imaging Technology deals with investigations of patients that give imaging information for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment; and also the assessment of health. It involves conventional radiation-based diagnostic radiology besides a wide range of specialized techniques that include, for example, Ultrasound scans, Doppler studies, Bone densitometry, CT, MRI, PETCT, SPECT, Radionuclide imaging and therapy, etc.

These services are solely subjective for patient care and hence, meets the medical ends of all patient and the clinical personnel who are in charge of taking care of those patients. The importance of medical imaging is being felt essentially. The medical imaging techniques include an arrangement for requisition, choice of suitable imaging techniques, patient information, patient consent, patient preparation, patient identification, the performance of imaging procedures, interpretation, reporting, and advice, considering the safety and ethics in diagnostic imaging services.

HIPL’s Medical Imaging Service has the following features

  • We make doctor-portals with a mobile interface for patients.
  • We connect medical diagnostic devices
  • Our application is capable of receiving the scanned images from those diagnostic devices stored in a centralized database and route the files through web-based portals.
  • The entire configuration of the application in the work stations and in the cloud server will be managed by the HIPL team
  • You get 24/7 access to data through the internet.
  • The need to maintain hard copies is completely eliminated.
  • Patients can view their medical reports through our app in their own mobiles.
  • Facilitates doctors in paper-less reporting and online prescribing.
  • We provide high-quality Dicom viewer with a 3D rotating attribute for better diagnosis.

Our Steps

  • Connecting a New Workstation to the Diagnostic equipment with the same AE Title and Port Number with a LAN assigned IP Address
  • Installing a Client Application instance of the PACS on this New Workstation
  • Establishing the connection between PACS Client and PACS Cloud Server
  • Accepting the DICOM images from the Diagnostic equipment on the PACS Client Database (SQL Server 2008) with a registered Patient details through PACS Client App
  • Synchronizing PACS Client Database with the Cloud Server
  • Opening the Doctor Portal front-end with Chrome Browser
  • Accessing Patient Report from the portal with online DICOM viewer

The differentiation Factors, we can have in our Medical Imaging Solutions

  • Local Storage of DICOM Files along with Cloud Server syncing
  • Local Database of DICOM Files and Patient Details along with Cloud Server syncing
  • The Doctor Portal can be operated from Internet Explorer and Chrome Browsers
  • We will offer Patient Portal along with Mobile App
  • Even in absence of ISP (Internet Service Provider), LAN or WAN connected centers can access the Doctor Portal and view reports
  • Full Control of Database with all DICOM files & Patient details will be kept with the Hospital or Diagnostic center, other than centralized storage system into the Cloud environment
  • Fully customized Doctor and Patient Portals with specific features and enhancement capabilities

If you are looking for medical imaging services in Kolkata, HIPL is your best choice. All types of medical imaging are facilitated here, including X-rays, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, and the like. Contact us at +91-8285297773 and make treatment easier and faster.