IIoT : New Ways To Solve Industrial Manufacturing Issues May 20, 2019

Industrial IoT : Innovative Ways To Solve Industrial Manufacturing Issues

Every facet of the Industrial Sector is adopting the new IoT technology to advance in the race. They are leaving behind their competitors one after the other. Industrial IoT Applications extract high-volume streams of data from existing machinery, plant, equipment, sensors, and controllers.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, is a term coined be Prof. Schwab. It is accepted to be the fourth industrial revolution that has taken place. Industry 4.0 aims to transform every company into an intelligent enterprise. It aims to achieve the best possible business results. IoT in manufacturing industry has made us ready to witness this huge radical change.

Industrial Revolution

We are working in an industrial revolution that includes a balanced blend of the physical and digital planes. This helps in the presentation of information in a comprehensive format for every user. Consequently, it enables promotion of enhanced collaboration and data sharing. All this is based on the automation of maintenance processes and artificial intelligence. Several IoT based industrial automation projects have put IoT into action, to reach a whole new level of automation.

Top industrial IoT companies are aiming to provide innovative IoT integrated devices to enable automation. All facets of the manufacturing industry are gradually crawling into the world of industrial automation using IoT.

Applicability of IIoT

It must be brought to notice that IIoT is rising above just “smart” devices. It revolves around data exchange and data analysis processes. A stand-alone device can function as the smartest device on a factory floor, for instance. But until and unless it is suitably networked into the rest of the digital infrastructure, it stays mute. Practical and business-improving use needs to be determined out of the data generated by every single unit. If not, the IoT becomes useless from the enterprise’s point of view.

In this sector of IoT companies are working to provide industries with IoT solutions. HIPL is one such IT startup, building IoT products for the manufacturing industry.

HIPL’s Industrial IoT solutions ensures:

-High productivity

-Best Quality

-Increased Information Accuracy

-Exceptional flexibility

-Reliable safety

Our IIoT solutions gives you the following utilities:

1. Prevention of Motor burning:

2. Remote control of an Industrial Motor via mobile app

3. Deriving Machine performance analytics

4. Reducing non-productive hours in a plant

5. Reducing manual intervention

6. Reducing fire-fighting situations

7. Bio-metric based automatic attendance system with payroll processing:

a) Controlling attendance in shift-based working environment

b) Managing duty rosters

c) Managing 360-degree view of an employee from the back-end panel

8. QR-Code based Visitor Management System

Our IIoT product line is called Innovation Factory (IF). IT provides solutions under two main headers, namely:

  • Bypass lines monitoring
  • Remote Motor Sensing & health analytics.

The Innovation Factory (IF) provides two main solutions for the manufacturing industry:

1. Preventive Solution for Motor burning:

Conventional factories use 2/3 phase motors for their machines. As a result, when the flow of current increases in all the phase lines, the temperature also increases. Hence, there is always a possibility of the rotor coil to get burnt making the motor inoperable. Innovation Factory (IF) measures the current in all the phases via sensors. It provides real-time information in web and mobile app.

Any problem in the shaft resulting from huge mechanical friction, increases the temperature. IF has a stationed sensor that monitors temperature variations. It notifies whenever the rise in temperature reaches a threshold stage. Accordingly, the system admin takes suitable action accordingly. This is done via app or in person to turn off the motor and send it for load balancing.

2. Bypass lines monitoring:

Factories and plants always keep a bypass line besides the main lines. It involves mostly transmission of Liquid, gas (steam) or semisolid substances or residues that move from the source to the collector. When some disruption occurs in the main line, laborers use the bypass line for continuation of the work. This is often done without informing the entrepreneur about it.

Maintenance of bypass lines is expensive and prolonged use of bypass lines leads financial losses for the entrepreneur. IF installs a sensor in the main and bypass lines. Now, it immediately notifies the owner whenever the bypass line gets active. He can act on it instantly and call necessary help for fixing the main line. This saves costs and enhances maintenance.

The parameters monitored for preventive solution for motor burning include:

  1. Current
  2. Voltage
  3. Temperature

The parameters monitored for prevention of mechanical failure include:

  1. RPM
  2. Vibration

Therefore, it is needless to remind you how HIPL could be the key solutions to all your problems. You know what to do. Reach out to us and we will be ready to solve your problems.

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