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About Us

The world is passing through a swift digital revolution and so are we at HIPL in leading the trend in technical wonders

HIPL is a DIPP (A Start-Up India Initiative) recognized tech start up from Kolkata, West Bengal, spreading its wings on the fronts of IoT (Internet of Things), Industrial Automation and High end Software solutions to end users.

Innovation Factory

Implementing IIoT to drive digital transformation

Here is a shout out to the factory owners worldwide! HIPL presents its Innovation Factory with its Bypass line monitoring and Remote Motor Sensing & Machine-health analytics feature. It is an IoT based system that prevents motor burning and notifies before use of bypass lines. Take another step towards automation with us. Our key IIoT workspace includes: Fetching Industrial Motor parameters, Preventive Machine Data Analysis, Mobile App alerting and MIS Dashboard. Build your own smart industry, through customized end to end solutions.


Medical Imaging

Automating seamless integration of Medical Diagnostic devices with doctor and patient portals

Make diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases faster and hassle-free! HIPL has one single solution that is instrumental for both the doctors and the patients. Patients can now enjoy a 24/7 access to data and track their health conditions by themselves. Doctors can enjoy paperless reporting and online prescribing. This IoT-based solution can help you know accurate details about your health and related information just through one click or one swipe.



Implementing automation through IoT to build a Smart Office. Transform your office into an intelligent ecosystem!

Help yourself by facilitating a Smart office. Automate your processes, operations and working conditions with HIPL’s Prodactive. According to recent reports, the size of the smart office market is steadily increasing. It amounted to $22.21 billion in 2017 and is announced to double by 2023, reaching a whopping $46.11 billion. To be a part of this massive wave of change, you can opt for our Prodactive, to add momentum to the growth of your business.

  • Education
  • Hospitality (Chain of Hotels)
  • Healthcare
  • BPO
  • Company Owned Retail Outlets
  • SME Manufacturing Plants


Implementing IoT to facilitate an App-Based Access Control System

How about not having to stand in the queue at events, or parks or museums, or movie halls? No waiting! Fast and smooth entry. QR Pay is here at your service! It enables hassle-free ticketing. Book your ticket, make your payment and take an entry without any fuss. This IoT integrated product is going to make entertainment easier for you. A hassle-free solution to all the ticketing issues stands out to be a boon both for ticket buyers and also sellers. QR Pay replaces the paper/token forms of ticketing, along with providing secured double authentication for the user and the organization using QR PAY. It is easy to setup and has low installation charges.

  • Parking at Mall

  • Movie Theaters

  • Public Transport

  • Amusement Park Gate

  • Attendence

  • Access Control