AR Technology | The Most Important Highlights of Google IO 2018 September 28, 2018

The Most Important Highlights of Google IO 2018

The Google IO is an annual conference for developers organized by Google where it makes public its forthcoming software and hardware initiatives. In addition to this, it announces what it has in store for its existing bouquet of services and apps. IO stands for both the technological term input/output as well as the slogan “Innovation in the Open”.

Highlights of Google IO 2018

  • Duplex Gets Smarter

Google Assistant is on its way to truly become the personal assistant that everybody needs. In its Google Duplex avatar, it can now make reservations and appointments over the phone for you. Things get even better with the tech sounding creepily like human. It will be able to handle routine questions that typically take place during such calls just like a human assistant.

  • Self-Driving Cars That Look Like Well, Cars

The Jaguar I-Pace self-driving car is nothing like Tesla’s products as far as looks are concerned. It is a product of a collaboration between Google’s parent Alphabet’s Waymo and Jaguar.

AR Technology | The Most Important Highlights of Google IO 2018

  • Gmail Gets AI Powered Smart Compose Feature

The year has been an eventful one for Gmail. In fact, the number of significant changes that the email service provider has witnessed in this year alone outnumbers the entire period it has been in existence. Things are going to be even smarter with Gmail in the near future with the Smart Compose feature.

It is a Machine learning tech that will help you in the creation of sentences in addition to suggesting suitable alternatives to how it might end. It might sound like the suggestions of words while typing in mobile devices but smart compose takes things to a whole new level by suggesting whole lumps of sentences. And with the kind of data that Google has at its disposal, it is going to be pretty accurate!

  • Google Maps Solves One of Its Persistent Problems

According to users, Google Maps ranks topmost among the best apps ever made. Though its use is certainly not in question even it does get things wrong sometimes, mind you just sometimes. Google Maps is all set to get better by letting users know the direction in which the blue dot is headed. And it does this by integrating two Google Maps with its Lens product.

On your part, all you have to do is to point your mobile device in the direction of the street and voila.! The Street View AR overlay comes into the picture that points you towards the direction you need to take while keeping the layout of the Google Maps app at the bottom. But the bad news is that ordinary Google users might have to wait a while, maybe even quite a while before this feature hits their smartphones as Google has made no official release date public.

There was plenty else tech going on at the conference but for us, these were top takeaways!

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