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Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing: Which is a smarter choice?


Marketing is that aspect of the business that one cannot shy away from recognizing. A wise entrepreneur will keep aside a separate expense budget for just marketing his entity. The debate starts when we come to realize that we live in an age where a huge part of the population has adopted the habit of online transactions, whereas, on the contrary, the other part of the population is yet unaware of the uses of the internet. Hence, the competition between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing is a difficult one to reach a convincing conclusion.

In this age of internet, where new online marketing trends are coming up with changing times, digital marketing is the best platform to promote a business. To determine the difference between the two, we shall begin with the meaning of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

What do we mean by Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing includes the marketing strategies that businesses have been using since the beginning of time. This method of marketing has been persistent since, when people had never even heard of the Internet.
The traditional mode of marketing includes advertising through means like television, newspaper, radio, flyers, posters, and billboards, the point of sale and also ads in weekly magazines.

What do we mean by Digital Marketing?

Digital or Online Marketing is the method of marketing that is predominantly used in the modern era of the Internet. This means of marketing has the potential of penetrating into all the possible realms of life, be it the households or the businesses.

Digital Marketing includes platforms like social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), business networking sited like Linkedln, promotional ads via e-mails, paid pop-ups, blogs and click-bait links for viral content. There are several companies providing easy digital marketing solutions.

If we begin to consider facts and stats, we could list a few that would again make you choose digital marketing over Traditional marketing:

-In the last six months, e-mail opened through mobile devices has increased by 80%

-Average yield from e-mail marketing is $44.25

-Blogs have 63% more impact over customer decisions than newspapers

– It has been observed that Companies that blog more than 15 times per month can get near about 5 times the traffic in general

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.

-A prospective customer is 144% more likely to buy when there is a product video featured

-Big enterprises and also mid-sized companies rely more on Technical SEO and content development than traditional methods, to increase and maintain search continuation

-Better quality content can hike traffic to a blog by up to 2,000% which is a considerably high rate.
-50% of the people are more likely to click on a brand name if that brand name appears more than once on the search results.

-Almost half of the world’s population (3.03 billion people approx) are on some type of social media or the other.

In terms of versatility and diversity, online marketing holds a far more dynamic ground compared to traditional marketing. But to determine which of the two excels in this bout, we need to delve deeper.

While we delve deeper, we will be discussing, in different phases, why Digital Marketing is always a better and smarter choice than traditional marketing and also how digital marketing benefits your business.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which Is A Smarter Choice? Online Marketing

Following are 13 reasons why Digital marketing is a smarter choice than Traditional marketing. The list of benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing is long.

1) Cost Effective:

Newspapers, flyers, posters, television ads etc. indulge a huge amount of expenses. While advertising through the internet is a means which is easily affordable even for the Novice Businessmen. Even students can have their own startups and the credit is owed to the cheap cost price of inline marketing. This pushes marketing beyond the boundaries of age and finance.

2) Time-saving:

In the sector of Traditional marketing one has to wait for days and weeks and even months before the boost starts to function. Also, the process of printing flyers or posters is a time-consuming affair. Whereas, in Online Marketing, not only is the publicity happening faster, but also the results of the advertisement can be seen sooner.

3) Scope enhancement for the brand:

The scope for Online Marketing is broader since an entire website is always preferable over a column in a newspaper. Moreover, whenever you want to reach out to the customers, you do not have to wait for papers to be printed; you can easily write a blog and reach out to them with a click.

4) Subtle method:

Traditional marketing is too intrusive to interest the customers, mainly because people do not buy newspapers and magazines to read advertisements but to read the content in it. In case of radios, which is again a fading away concept, is mostly used to listen to weather forecast and the music, and not for ads.

So traditional methods stand in the ways of the customers, more of irritating them than interesting them. Customers tend to mostly ignore such ads. Whereas on the other hand, through Online Advertising, the customers are made to feel privileged by giving them an option to watch an ad or not. There comes no question of compulsion.

5) Expanded exposure:

One can never say that a television ad or a newspaper ad could possibly cover the entire population. Any form of traditional marketing limits itself within a few localities. While online advertisements are global and have no boundaries at all.

6) Grabs target audience:

Digital Marketing is suitable to indulge the target audience; every post can be designed and written such that the group or fraction of people they want to communicate to are the ones to read or view the posts. Whereas, for traditional marketing, such as posters or newspapers, it becomes difficult to address a particular section of the audience because newspapers columns and posters are generally addressed to all.

7) Faster popularization:

Traditional marketing is a time-consuming process, both in terms of delivering the advertisement and also judging the result of the advertisement. This is why it takes a lot of time to gain complete publicity. With digital marketing, the process takes place within a blink and publicity happens faster and better.

8) Continuity:

If we observe, we will notice that the advertisement through traditional marketing becomes more forceful than voluntary, the continuity of the publicity and advertisement string gets hugely interrupted. It’s always better to promote to a few interested people than to a large number of uninterested one, because with the latter, the output is zero. Digital marketing has a string of advertising, publicizing, observing and studying outputs that lies uninterrupted and continuous.

9) Suits all dimensions of business:

To practice digital marketing, one does not have to worry about the size of the business or the scale of employees working. One also does not have to depend on them to reach out to the magnum of the population out there. Expansion does not always require a large number of hands to work at advertising. The internet will just do your work, out there.

10) Measurable analytics:

The best part of digital marketing is the effect and output of the marketing strategies can be accurately estimated when applied. This makes it easier for the business to judge it’s shortfalls and also evaluate the output.

The business can judge where it stands and the market and take judgments accordingly for developing a digital strategy. In case of traditional marketing, no such measurements can be made, for we won’t even be able to measure how many of the target population has even come across the advertisement and also shown some interest.

11) Most accessed means:

Since the internet is the place in the world with the most traffic, digital advertisements are easily accessible. Everything is placed before you at the drop of a hat. Traditional marketing gives no assurance of access.

12) Interests the millennials:

Successful marketing involves connecting to prospective customers in the best possible way, so that some actual return is generated from the investment made in the advertisement of the business. Since a large part of the population nowadays, especially the millennials, are spending most of their time on the internet, it makes sense to connect to them on it.

13) Adjustable:

In the process of what is printed is printed. With changing times and demands, the previously published content can never be rectified and changed. But for digital marketing, there is always an option to change what has previously been published. The content can be tweaked to fit the need of the present times.


We hope that the above mentioned points have helped in gaining clarity about the functioning of both the forms of marketing. Making calculative choices is now a must. Big or small, the best way to popularize your business is to opt for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a rare combination of negligible risk and greatest rewards.

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