Dedicated Hiring

The hiring of skilled people for the requirement of your project and creating a virtual employee who can create and develop as per the requirement of your firm.

“an effective approach to hiring skilled staff apart from the traditional style of working for all types of processes and project for the growth of your business”

Key benefit

  • Minimize the cost In the payroll and human resources involvement
  • Get quality from the skilled workers offshore
  • High return in comparison to the low risks
  • Gives your ample time to focus on other areas of business
  • A much lesser cost in the hiring as compared to regular outsourced work 50% reduced.

Why Hipl?

    Hire Dedicated Dot Net Programmers
  • 1. Experts available
    Highly skilled staff that can provide you the best. You can choose from a large variety of expertise like (Python, ASP, Objective C, C#, Node JS, .NET along with Swift (for iOS) as well as web and graphic design for your business projects.
  • 2. Zero start-up maintenance cost with no taxation
    A developer can be easily hired without extra hidden cost or taxes working for a considerably small amount of fee.
  • 3. Dedication and skilled employee dedicated and skilled offshore worker performing as good as your company employee from the offshore team in India.
  • 4. Stay Updated
    Stay in touch with the development team and keep yourself updated about the status of the project.
  • 5. Reliable and trustworthy
    where quality meets our performance. Our major goal is to keep our clients satisfied with quality work.
  • 6. Standard recruitment process:
    Our recruiting process while hiring includes an Aptitude test, Technical Test and HR Round for the selection of the best candidates for the work
Hire Professional C Sharp Developer from HIPL

What we provide

  • Flexible schemes and plans for the billing.
  • Work done according to your time zone.
  • Simple coding style with highly skilled staff.
  • Constant updates about the work progress daily and weekly
  • Constant communication via emails and instant messenger to keep you posted.
  • Favorable development environment for the team.
  • You would have all the 3rd party rights.
  • Source codes authorization will be entirely your
  • 160 hours per month for the billing
  • Holidays will include the Weekends along with the Holidays of the Indian national regional

Who we provide work for

  • IT consulting and marketing firms
    Firms that do not have time for the development process due to the time investment on the communication with the clients.
  • Web design firms
    Web design companies that do little related to development but largely focus on the client communication and web design
  • Webstore and web portal owners
    Main focus would be to focus on the core activity and development process
  • IT Product development firms
    We reduce the development cost by 60 % and supply our service 25% faster.
  • Start-up IT firm
    Small firms that cannot afford to pay large sum of money for the development process.
  • Larger IT firms
    Companies that would like to invest ample time, money on the infrastructure, compensation insurance and the cost and time on the training of employees for the development process.

Hiring process

  • Analyzing your key requirements
  • Contacting us with the exact requirements
  • Selection process of the developer along with his or her development work history
  • Client and developer direct interview for transparency
  • Hire the developer as per your needs and requirements
  • Signing of the contract and making of the payments
  • Get regular tracking reports of the developments with the review report
  • Assigned period for a developer as per the contract
  • Constant updates about the progress of the work

Dedication of staff over freelancers

  • Unlike freelancers the main lending company pays them as they work for the hiring firms and as still employees of the main company that owns them.
  • The regular monitoring of the project by the hiring company.
  • Much skilled work as compared to that of a freelancer.
  • Highest possible data security
  • Tracking and regular reports of the project
  • All access to the IT Resources
  • Skilled and dedicated developers working for your project alone
  • Backup resources readily available makings you nondependent on the developer in case of personal health issues or other unwanted sudden problems.
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