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Complete Guide On How To Use Instagram For Marketing

Instagram for Marketing Purposes

Social media over the past decade has become a super powerful tool for business propagation, social awareness, marketing, contacts etc. “Instagram” the social media application and platform with over 800 million monthly users and 60 million photos posted each day, Instagram has become a great influence on people. Branding, in the digital age, is mostly dependent on the visual media content such as videos and images and they can raise interest leading to actions. The visual content of this growing social media platform has attracted the attention of the youth of today making it one of the fastest way of propaganda and marketing. If used correctly, this social media can be used to generate leads, grow contacts and serve perfect for advertising purposes. In this blog, we will discuss how we can use Instagram for marketing our business and also for raising brand awareness.

Marketing | Digital Marketing | SMM | Social Media Marketing

Instagram marketing tips

Tips on how to use Instagram for business:

Set the Goals

Setting of goals and defining the targeted audience. All marketing strategies have the basic first step in common, keeping the goal crystal clear is the first step in adopting best marketing strategies. Instagram of all social media application follows a similar working pattern.

Branding on Instagram

Exhibiting your products and services in a clear manner with good quality images and videos help your business get a recognition. Exhibiting the brand logo is very important for the brand recognition on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Bio and Description

Build a strong profile for your business with a good Bio and Description. This would simply mean an informative short article which can give the audience a brief introduction about the company without boring the audience. This would show your followers what the company is all about and what it does

Visual content

Keeping the content more visual with images and video as they draw the attention of potential clients faster than written content. When it comes to Instagram, people only see visually vivid content.

Some of the neat techniques for better visual content are:

i. Consistent style and quality of content and visual
ii. Sticking to a single type of color scheme
iii. Use the same filters always
iv. Use smaller captions and text


Use of the #tags in creating business posts for the product or service adds better visibility and search optimization on Instagram. Although the maximum number of hashtags Instagram allows is 30 but using 5 to 10 is best suited for business related posts and content. Hashtags perform the task similar to what keywords do on google. Using common and relevant hashtags on a business post will allow people to be directed to your post.

Building Partners

Making Partners who share the same interests and business motives as you can help your Business expand and grow. If there is no type of partnership, charity and donation can help in aligning the business brand value. This works as a symbiotic relationship between two company profiles or people. This gives the business promotion to a larger number of people. The more the number of tie-ups and social partnerships better is the business promotion for all parties

Informative/Entertaining post

The posts have to be entertaining, informative or both to capture the attention of the audience and potential customers/ clients. Posting boring content would simple mean people would scroll over the content. One could also avail of the Advertising that Instagram has to offer for the promotion of your business.

Use of Shoutouts

Unpaid shoutout is a good marketing tool for two people who have roughly the same number of followers. Both promote each other’s brand via shoutouts. However, to get a good branding and promotion, a company gets paid shoutouts. This is a simple idea where a well-known brand with a good market reputation promotes or refers to a smaller brand in exchange for a sum of money.

Link usage

-Links are non-clickable when it comes to Instagram post and content, however the links are clickable when they are placed on the bio section of the Instagram profile. These help in creating the link build up for your official websites. Changing of the link regularly with link to different blogs, articles and even posts help the business grow.

Benefits of Instagram for business marketing

The different techniques and strategies that a company adopts for the marketing of its products and the services can have many benefits. The social media marketing through Instagram has been a relatively new concept but due to the nature of the application, it has far reaching positive effects. Some of the benefits that a company can receive by marketing through Instagram are:

i. The products that are advertised and sold on Instagram are gaining publicity of late. An estimate of 33.33% of the users who use Instagram has bought products from the online advertisements posted on the social media application.

ii. The AD platform of the social media application is not as advanced as that of Instagram. Instagram has advertising options that target the exact audience needed to give the ad its required promotion. This not only gives the company a good promotion but also provides good audience targeting.

iii. The sales and the leads are very easily traceable through the Instagram ads. The ROI can very clearly be seen.

iv. Perhaps one of the most vital of all benefits of Instagram lay in the segregation of profiles. The social media application separates personal profiles from business profiles. Having a business account on Instagram one can unlock a number of features to help promote the business. Some features include a call to action button for the page visitors, promotion of the posts through ad dollars, and access to account insights.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional sometimes is the better option. It may be hard to admit but not everyone can be creative in making Instagram posts. When it comes to business, it is always wiser on keeping it professional. Hiring digital marketing agencies and Social Media Marketing expert to help build your business is always the better option.

At HIPL we provide you with a good digital marketing solution to promote your business. We have experts who are skilled in social media marketing and can provide your company with Instagram marketing strategies along with other social media strategies.

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  • This is an essential post. Everybody wants to expand their business. It will be great tips for them.

  • Hemant Joshi says:

    very usefull infomation,butone thing i couldn’t understand about instragram.In instragaram you will see the post of the person you follow, unless you have sufficient followers , how can you reach out to the audience without using promotion.These platform are good for businesses ,only if paid promotions used.What is your take on this?

  • admin says:

    Its true that increasing the number of followers can help you reach larger audience. You can grow the number of followers over a period of time organically by posting high quality images with informative and engaging content on a regular basis. Make sure to plan your content strategy keeping your target audience in mind. 80% of your post should be engaging and 20% should be promotional. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to increase the number of followers without any paid promotions.

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