IOT Technology | Internet Of Things December 13, 2018

6 Benefits Of Using IoT Technology in Food Industry

Introduction to the IoT in restaurant industry

The hospitality industry has always been a fast-moving, hectic and demanding industry by nature. This Demanding industry could use help from the technology that has evolved over the years. IoT has been a major breakthrough in the technological era. Here multiple devices and gadgets are connected and synchronize to perform tasks effectively via the internet. IoT has a promising future for the hospitality industry. Internet Of Things is a rapidly transforming technology. It is just as important to the food industry as it is to industries like automobile, healthcare, home-care and banking.

IOT Technology | Internet Of Things

IoT sensors for restaurants are:

  • Calculation of the daily tasks in the kitchen with their time consumption
  • Data collection of the operation across the different area of the restaurants
  • Maintaining the temperature of the food items to prevent loss
  • Customer feedback and interaction
  • Smart restaurant IoT menu listing over tablets/IOT screens and mobile application
  • Payment through mobile application
  • Kitchen safety and fire alert

Advantages and IoT solutions for restaurants:

1. Managing the life cycle of equipment-

– Some of the most important aspects of IoT devices are their utility in the troubleshooting the problems in the kitchen equipment before matter is serious. This would not only save time but also capital expenditure on the equipment through regular maintenance. If an appliance is about to give way, the signalling and troubleshooting feature of IoT would allow the owner to know beforehand. This would be crucial to the hospitality sector as workflow obstruction would cause major loss in market reputation and customer satisfaction. It would also mean a break in the income for a day or more (depending on the equipment).

2. Smart Refrigerators

IoT technology when applied to the refrigerators gives smart refrigeration and better preservation of food items with the control in the temperature. Different food items require different levels of cooling for their perfect preservation. The fragrance and flavor of the items should remain intact along with the nutrients. Moreover, to solve such a problem and prevent the loss of money and wastage of food, refrigerators have been incorporated with IoT technology. This would allow different departments of the fridge to maintain different temperature. The same appliance would be able to maintain ice creams as well as fresh fruit items and meat products all at their optimum temperature.

3. Reducing the energy consumption

IoT technology can also keep a track on the equipment and the time they are required to run. If an oven is accidentally left to operate while the food item is taken out, the sensors would switch the oven off. This is done to maintain the cost or to send a notification to the owner. Similarly, IoT sensors would be used in automatic exhaust systems.

4. Stock managements

The IoT would help in keeping a track of the stock in the inventory of the kitchen. The application on the smartphone or tablet regulate the demand and the supply of the stock for the restaurant. It would be able to notify when there is any requirement for certain items to the owner directly to their linked devices. The operation manager would receive data and help regain all the supplies for the steady flow of business of the restaurant.

5. IoT in ovens

Certain temperatures are best for certain meal preparation. IoT in an oven would also prevent over cooking and potential damage due to neglecting food in the oven. Hence, IoT sensors would warn the person in charge through notification. However if there is zero response, then the oven would automatically switch off to maintain safety.

6. Data analytics reports

The IoT driven system is very efficient in managing and tracking the data and records of the restaurant. This gives priority and preference to the rightful people in charge access to the valuable information and feedback. Hence this would allow the management of the industry to adopt strategies on how to improvise.

7. Limitations and challenges of IoT in restaurants

The major limitation in the adoption of IoT technology and its implementation in the restaurants/hospitality industry can be due to many factors. Although, it is a helpful piece of technology, it cannot be implemented only on one module of the restaurant. IoT system should be installed in all the system modules to work efficiently. For example if the IoT technology is applicable in the inventory department only, then the system would fail to sense the actual requirements of the food inventory.

Nevertheless, IoT equipment and software are very expensive to install. Henceforth not a lot of restaurants will be able to implement this technology in their business causing a major drawback to this technology. Although the benefits of IoT are many, with the adoption of this technology, restaurants would need to work on their cyber-security and incorporate security as they implement IoT technological plans. The system failure would cause the restaurants to have their secret ingredients and items to leak to the rival causing a major loss to the business of the former.

The cost of installation of IoT technology needs re-evaluation for small time business to avail of the benefits. Otherwise, this would mean more capital than the revenue. Most times small restaurants would not prefer implementing a technology that would simply become an added capital investment with no major revenue. Although the idea is very futuristic, somehow the traditional way of ordering food is preferred most of the time. People still prefer sophistication and royalty through human services rather than AI services.

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