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Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality: Key Differences Between Them

Introduction to VR and AR

The concept of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are most often mixed up by people. In the simplest of terms, AR is  bringing of the digital world into the real world. Whereas, the concept of VR is taking the living being or person into the virtual world. One of the most common implementations of AR technology has been in the game of Pokémon GO. Hence the concept goes beyond just gaming with more research being carried out in the field of AR. AR is one of the most trending concept in the Technology industry.

Talking about VR, the first thing that comes to our mind  is watching a movie through VR glasses that gives a realistic experience of every scene of the movie or series or videos. This is one of the common example of taking a living being into the virtual world. Also used in flight simulations and study material, VR technology gives live 3D vivid demonstrations of the concept and real-life simulations.

The Technology Behind Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is simplified as an environment that has been induced artificially by an electronic gadget. Here the goal is to create scenarios of scenes that look realistic with the total 3D effect. High rate photo frames that create very realistic 3-dimensional images and models of the object to give our eyes the feel of 3D is the basic science behind the VR technology.

A high refresh rate along with a 100 – 180 degree is best suited to create a perfect environment, as a result, we experience realistic virtual images that can suit the individual point of view of each specific eye of the person. The overlapping of the images created for both the eyes gives the 3D effect of virtual reality. As a rule, the response time of 20 milliseconds is optimum to trick the brain into creating an illusion of a virtual reality environment by the combination of all the above factors in the right proportion.

Aspects That Enhance VR Effect

  • The high-quality 3D sound that gives realistic experience with the visual effect like a horror movie with optimum surround 3D sound.
  • The motion tracking in VR technology provides the visual effect of a .
  • The high-resolution graphics of the objects that make the experience more realistic.
  • The perfect synchronization of the visual and audio effect plays an important role in creating VR effect.

Field of Application of VR

  • Military training programs
  • Flight training programs (to avoid real life catastrophe)
  • Medical training
  • Education (geometry and graphs)
  • Above all, “Entertainment” (Movies, Gaming and stimulation application)

Disadvantages of VR

To a certain extent, there are a number of downsides to this digital technology. Most importantly the drawbacks can be like spatial immersion that causes the user to be engrossed into the virtual world. In addition to causing addiction, this technology can also lead to lack of sleep and changes in behavioral pattern in response to different natural stimulus.

Moreover, the cost of the equipment is usually very high and is not available for all to experience, making it a rare piece of technology. Above all, VR technology has not reached a level that gives very high-resolution gaming. Consequently this makes people reluctant about purchasing the equipment.

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 The Technology Behind The AR

The deployment of virtual images and information over real object seen through camera, glasses or on the screen of a TV/PC. As a result of which the Input from the camera or the smart glasses allows the superimposition of the virtual images over objects. Developed by Ivan Sutherland in early 1968, he concept just showed wired framework over real objects.

On Mobile Phones

However, in mobiles phones, AR technology works through input data through location or camera or both. The altered image can be seen on the screen with all the virtual information or images. Hence, as a result, multiple applications made for Android and iOS operating systems.

On Television and PC

The Augmented reality input data is fed in via web camera for TV/PC. As a result, this input is modified on the screen. The breakthrough technology for AR has not reached far and not much of AR application exists for the PC or television.

Smart Glasses, Headsets, and AR Lenses

By giving you the entire field view, AR gives a very lifelike experience with smart glasses, headsets, and lenses. This technology seems to come right out of a science fiction movie.Smart glasses uses technology that can measure the distance, speed, and temperature of objects. This has possible usage in the military because of its detailed precision.

Field of Application for AR

  • In the field of architecture (applications are made to measure the distance between walls and furniture, etc.)
  • In the field of geo-location
  • AR Stimulated gaming (Pokémon Go, zombie Go, Parallel Kingdom, Temple Treasure Hunt)
  • AR aided GPS, navigation, maps, and compasses.
  • Possible futuristic military usage (thermal and night vision)

Disadvantages of AR

The major drawbacks of AR technology is similar to that of VR technology. In addition to the fact that the equipment is extremely expensive, it is also not easily available. Also, AR gaming is just time consuming and addictive in nature. The consequences of this technology is that it makes people more reliant on machines and equipment.

Also taking into consideration that the lack of connectivity would simply cause the system to not provide any function in cases like GPS or navigation. As a result of its connection to the web, the privacy of people and building are at severe risk as the details are made public. Hence this sets a huge drawback in the use and implementation of the advanced AR technology in real life scenarios. Above all, the reliability of this technology is debatable which is why it has not been put to effective use in daily life.

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