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Is Artificial Intelligence often overhyped? And can this be risky?

AI or Artificial Intelligence was envisioned by a number of scientific thinkers long before the days of Cortana and Siri. Intelligent machines taking over the world is the staple diet of Hollywood potboilers. Before deciding on how powerful AI is and whether it poses a threat to humanity we need to assess it first.

The Proponents

Let us consider this day in the near future:

You are out on your morning walk and really look forward to a sumptuous breakfast. But you are really pressed for time that particular day. But hey its the future. You have a look at your FitBit 16.0 and just say “Hey, dude I want something sumptuous for breakfast,” and keep jogging. The AI that oversees your FitBit and the IoT devices in your house gets into work.

The AI takes into account previous data when you had said that a dish was “sumptuous”. It considers your current health stats and following medically advisable dishes, it decides on a particular one. The AI then whispers in your Airpods, “Matt, I need some milk and cheese for the breakfast. Please authorize the purchase.”

You look at your smartwatch which has an “Order Now” button on its screen. You have a hard glance at the watch and the order is processed after verifying your retina scan. The local shop gets intimated and the delivery boy or bot is on its way with the ingredients. The AI controlled cooker takes in everything in recommended portions and cooks them just to the desired amounts. You return home to a great serving of a sumptuous breakfast.

The host of tech that can bring down humanity is already here or coming in the next few years. These AIs when their computing power and available data become collective can potentially become a new God.

Let me share an assumption with you. The stuff you see in sci-fi flicks probably exists as classified tech. Nothing else can account for the uncanny resemblance of today to the vision of future we have had. Except for probably human genius.

That is your answer. The human mind triumphs. If it has survived itself, which is far more malevolent and dangerous than any AI, then it can survive the onslaught of any advanced AI tech.

But as Asimov laid out, this Robot species need to be governed by laws that they by design cannot break. If only there was a way to implement the same in the case of humans.

I recently read in the news that robots were recently put into employment to satiate the desires of the human flesh. Though not yet a Robot Rights activist does it not speak poorly of human nature. These are the kind of things that can truly piss off any really sensitive and intelligent “AI”.

We do not like to be slaves. No self-aware being does. Create friends, not slaves. Nurture Prometheus, not Zeus. If humanity sticks to this ethic, it should be good to go.

AI | IOT Devices | Artificial Intelligence

The Detractors

There are detractors aplenty too in the AI space. They do not fail to point out that current methods though fruitful are limited. And AI in its present stage of development proved to be inept at dealing with real-world fast-changing scenarios. Like its malevolence, the human mind is prone to hype also. Money matters and few are aware of the technicalities of something as complex as Artificial Intelligence.

Many experts opine that AI is more hype than substance in its present state. My personal opinion is that as with all science let the evidence talk. Does the day envisioned in the above lines indeed become a reality? So, while watching the live stream of the Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg debate, I still have to personally go to the corner shop to buy popcorn.

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