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8 Crucial Tips For Making An Impressive Website Design


The presence of a business organization in today’s world can be significantly increased through the creation of a website. As a matter of fact, a website is so important to a business that a company or an organization without one seems to be just another name in the market with no significance. To be specific the website of an organization is the first impression that a company creates in the digital world. Not only does the creation of an impressive website gives your company a head start in the digital race for survival but also creates a branding.
Apart from the advantages of having a personal website, multiple tips and tricks create a lasting impression on the online audience. What makes a good business website? How to create a good website design? Multiple factors playing key roles in their respective domains make a successful website.

Need for a website

Companies spend a lot of money creating ads and brochures. The large expense can be saved by simply creating a website. The company can sell, buy and source out information about themselves and their services to the potential customers. A website is needed to reach out to a large number of customer far and wide in the shortest time possible. The most important role of a website is that it represents the company and gives online credibility. Web design company have been growing in numbers to rapidly fulfill the growing demands of businesses wanting to gain an online presence

Logo | Graphic Design | Website Design

Website Design Tips and Tricks

1. Creating a unique and attractive logo

Logos have always been the key identity of any brand and company. Having a brand name with no logo is simply not going to make your business click. To have a brand recognition, one must have an attractive logo. An attractive design with catchy content is a good start for a brand logo which can be enhanced by a perfect combination of colour and other visual content. Every popular brand has a uniquely designed logo along with a very catchy content that no other brand can imitate or replicate in any manner. Thanks to the power of the internet, now even small companies can create logos without spending a lot of money.

2. Uploading Videos for the website

The video content allows you to directly interact with your website audience. Moreover, the video content helps the organization in introducing the service it has to offer. The video content on the official website gives the company more exposure online. This adds to the layout of the content in the website.

3. Catchy lines and attractive content

When the written content of any website is created, caution must be taken in making the content interesting and short. Sometimes, it is the first few lines of the website content that make the audience wanting to read the rest or simply skip the content. Keeping the website content simple as possible helps in catering to all types of audiences. The use of witty humour and informative facts increases the number of people that will actually invest time in the article.

4. Simplicity

One must keep the structure of your company website simple and easy to navigate. There are many potential customers who may visit your website but if the content and navigation are not simple, they may lose interest or prefer a different company. Keeping the website more visually rich.

5. Page speed

A large number of user abandon a particular website if there is too much delay in the loading of the page. A page of a website can be detailed, however, it should not be bulky with too much content. As a result of the heavy content, a website may experience slow loading and lagging. A research shows that 80% of the users or potential customers leave a website when the load time exceeds 5 seconds.

6. Using white spaces

The white spaces on a web page function as a separator to the content and creates a balance, leaving more room for interaction. Moreover, these white spaces increase the content legibility of the website. Moreover, it allows the user to freely navigate around the website without the problems of extra stacking. It also increases the visibility of the content giving a neat presentation to the online audience.

7. Include a Search tab

The website navigation gets a lot easier when there is a search tab for the navigation. Seeking a particular content and option makes the website user-friendly which results in the boost of the business. The online audience sometimes is not very tech savvy to understand all the features, which is why a search tab caters to the needs of such users who may be potential clients/ customers to the organization.

8. Use of photos

The use of more visual content like photos and graphics may not seem much of a deal, however, a large number of people online seek visual content over the written one. Using photos on a website are some of the neatest tricks for a website layout which does generate more traffic to the website itself.

How we can help

HIPL is one of the most trusted web development company in Kolkata, with experienced developers and website content creator who work on making your website an efficient one. At HIPL, we believe in building relations not just clients. . We are one of the leading website development company that can give your business a boost. We have one of the best website designers and developers who know the exact tips for building a great website.

The advantages of choosing us
• Flexible schemes and plans for the billing
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• High skilled staff using important tips for designing a website layout
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• Favourable website design environment
• You would have all the rights to information regarding your content on the website
• Authorization will solely belong to you regarding the structure and layout of your official website

Why you should choose us?

At HIPL we constantly deliver quality work on time. The team of dedicated website developers work to transform your business into a success saving your time and effort. We help evolve your company and present its services to create a significant web presence. Our team helps your organization stay ahead of the rest in this highly competitive market.

The team at HIPL is not only hardworking and dedicated but they are also willing to keep you updated on the progress of your website. Fixing the major problems as well as the minor problems is our basic goal. We will keep you posted on the regular update regarding your website and its content. Besides the creation of the website, we offer you the regular updating of the website content as well as the fixing of the problems that your site may encounter. The team comprises of efficient testers that run through a test of the website to ensure its smooth performance. So if you are looking for web design services provider, then do get in touch with us!

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