Management System

The implementation of IoT in education accepts the internet-based communication between controllers, sensors and physical objects. Modern technology has transformed universities education massively. A wide range of devices is integrated with sensors leading to an IoT based education management system. Wearable devices are collecting data and communication is taking place via cloud computing. The IoT defines a diverse range of parameters for universities.

HIPL’s University Management System:

The University Management System will be a comprehensive solution that will manage the entire functional process of a university or an institution, student details, and data. It is vital for institutions to provide individual attention to every student and also work towards expanding the institution further. A smart education system using IoT will make the education process more streamlined and easy to maintain.

The main problems faced in running a University are mainly as follows:

1.Increasing labour cost:

With the growth of a college or university grows, the complexity of its processes increases. This gives rise to the need for more workforce who keep the processes running. An increasing workforce consequently means a rising payroll. This becomes difficult for any educational institution because it is constantly dealing with maintaining budgets and cost-cutting.

2.Increasing overheads:

Overheads for the purpose of running processes are naturally high. In a simple task of sending a message to a selected section of a student body: first, a person needs to identify who these students are and find their contact details. Then another person would draft the message. A third one would ensure that these notices are printed out. A fourth would ensure that the right delivery resource is reached so that these important notices reach the right students. This automatically involves a high-cost investment for any college/university.

3.Increase in human errors:

To ere is human. Hence every activity that involves human intervention is prone to errors. Humans cannot always be expected to perform perfectly at their job at all times, no matter how simple the processes are.

How are the above problems solved?

1.Reduced labour costs:

When an online academic management system is implemented in the educational institutions, the reduction of labor costs is the biggest noticeable change. Since almost all tasks become automated, the need for any person to manage such arrays of tasks is eliminated. It also implies that other employees are can now focus on more stimulating or challenging tasks, that the academic management system may not have yet mastered.

2.Lower overheads:

With an online academic management system, many related tasks and tools become outworn. For instance, there is no need to reach a delivery service that ensures all your notices reach the respective students. An online academic management system helps you make your communication swift, confidential, and direct with every student. Any internal messaging system or the announcements section of the automated system will help you communicate effectively with your students, their parents, or the entire institution.

3.Error-free processes:

An online academic management system is a technological tool, that is not susceptible to human error. As long as the rules have been clearly defined and there is no glitch in the programming of the system, the experience will be error free. It also provides consistency and will continue to function optimally until the programing is interfered with by a human.

HIPL’s University Management System offers the following unique features:

University Staff
Attendance and
Payroll Management
Management System
Management System
Student Management System
Alumni Portal
University Event
University Visitors
Asset Tracking
Research and
Patent Related
Student Portal
Professor Portal

HIPL is here with a compact solution for all the universities and educational institutions. Running a university won’t be that tough anymore. Build a smart university using IoT. Make your processes faster and easier, and also increase your efficiency. Let's connect at +91-8285297773