IoT in Education

IoT in Education is an emerging trend, that is changing the entire educational system, making learning and teaching easier. HIPL is here with the following main IoT solutions in the field of education.

  • School Vehicle Tracking

  • Lab automation

  • Digital Board

  • Kids Activity Tracking

School Vehicle Tracking

  • Parents easily get to know the traveling details of their children at any point in time. Instant updates are given to parents about when and where exactly their children are getting on and off the bus/vehicle.
  • The school authorities and administration gets to know every student’s location.
  • School authorities and parents will know whether the school bus is running at moderate required speed or not, and also the route being followed by the bus driver.
  • Parents and school authorities can track how much time the driver is spending at every location. They can track where and how many halts are being taken. If the driver spends more time than the usual allocated time, both the authorities and the parents get notified about it.
  • For working parents, this facility will be helpful to know about the whereabouts of their child in school. They can run to rescue in case their child faces any unusual problem during their journey.
  • Also, for school authorities, Global Positioning System (GPS) is a very convenient and cost-effective method.

Lab automation

In present times, technology has enhanced laboratory environments. These environments have won growing popularity. It is especially functional in facilitating constructivist inquiry-based learning. This trend significantly influences education in modern science laboratories. Educators believe that new technologies can transform laboratory experimentation into being more accessible and effective. Lab automation provides the following benefits:

  • Automation reduces the need for physical contact with laboratory materials and devices.
  • It facilitates and promotes self-learning.
  • It allows easy sharing of experimental hardware.
  • Automation enables computerized data management.
  • Also, online remote experimentation can be done by lab automation.
  • Automation ensures effective use of laboratory resources.

Digital Board

  • Digital boards make it easier for teachers to formulate and plan lessons from beforehand.
  • Picture-specific visual learning is very beneficial, especially in primary schools
  • Digital boards spur the students' interest to get involved in the learning process because such boards are far more attractive to children than the traditional talk-chalk method. The learning process becomes fun for the kids.
  • Smart-boards increase the level of student-teacher engagement. The interactive method eliminates the boring one-way presentation from the teachers.
  • These boards make the revision of lessons easier.
  • Provides better learning for differently-abled students.
  • Smart-boards are highly cost-effective.

Kids Activity Tracking

  • Kid’s activity tracking in educational institutions enables teachers to channelize his lessons towards the specific ability level of all the students in his class.
  • In the case of students who are in a low or moderate achievement level, tracking ensures that these students can learn at their own pace without falling behind.
  • For above average achievers and students who can learn quickly, they are allowed to learn in their own fast pace. Consequently, they are challenged according to their level.
  • When tracking is categorized based on subjects, the students receive instructions targeted to their ability level for each subject.
  • Tracking helps educational authorities and parents to keep track of their child's academic progress.
  • Hence, this helps the parents and the teachers to guide every student catering to their individualistic needs.

This is a great chance for educational institutions to join in the wave of educational advancement through IoT. HIPL is here to make teaching and learning hassle-free and cost-effective. Contact us at +91-8285297773.