Industrial automation using IoT refers to the use of automated control systems like computers or robots, and information technologies for managing different processes and machines in any industries to replace the labor of a human being. It is the second step to be taken post mechanization in the modern scope of industrialization.

Today’s highly competitive industrial belt, demands highly efficient and consistent solutions that can operate round the clock. That’s how IoT based industrial automation projects are gaining prominence at a rapid pace. Industrial IoT applications facilitate factors like improvement in the product quality, reliability, and production rate while reducing production cost and design cost by implementing new, innovative and integrated technologies, products and services. In short, industrial automation is the use of IoT in the manufacturing industry through a set of technologies and industrial IoT devices like PLCs, PCs, PACs, etc. and technologies consist of a varied range of industrial communication systems.

Industrial automation ensures:

  • High flexibility

  • High safety

  • High productivity

  • High Information Accuracy

Of the top industrial IoT companies, HIPL is happy to brag about their groundbreaking products and inventions from their extensive R&D lab. We at HIPL endeavor to solve all your industrial deficiencies and give a tempting ROI. The IIoT solutions we provide gives you the following utilities:

  • Prevention of Motor burning
  • Remote control of an Industrial Motor via the mobile app
  • Deriving Machine performance analytics
  • Reducing non-productive hours in a plant
  • Reducing manual intervention
  • Reducing fire-fighting situations
  • Bio-metric based automatic attendance system with payroll processing
  • Controlling attendance in shift-based working environment
  • Managing duty rosters
  • Managing 360-degree view of an employee from the back-end panel
  • QR-Code based Visitor Management System

Innovation Factory (IF) is an IIoT product line from HIPL. IF provides two main solutions, namely:

Bypass lines monitoring
Remote Motor Sensing & health analytics

The two main problems solved by HIPL are:

Preventing Motor burning

All conventional factories use 2/3 phase motors for the functioning of their machines. Now, the increase in the flow of current in all the phase lines results in the increase of temperature. Due to this, there always stands a possibility of the rotor coil to get burnt and thereby making the motor inoperable. Innovation Factory (IF) measures the current in all the phases via sensors and displays real-time information in web and mobile app. Also, whenever there is a disequilibrium in the shaft due to huge mechanical friction, the temperature increases. IF has a stationed sensor that can monitor temperature changes, and send notifications when the rise in temperature reaches a threshold stage. Accordingly, the system admin takes action via the app or in person to turn off the motor and send it for load balancing.

Bypass lines monitoring

Factories and plants always keeps a bypass line parallel to the main lines for transmission of Liquid, gas (steam) or semisolid substances or residues that are transferred from the source to the collector. When some obstruction or disruption occurs in the main line, laborers often use the bypass line for the continuation of the work without informing the entrepreneur about it. However, maintenance of bypass lines is expensive and continuous use of bypass lines incurs a financial loss for the entrepreneur. IF installs a sensor in the main lines and bypass lines, through which the owner is immediately notified whenever any malfunction occurs and the bypass line gets active. Through this facility, he can act on it instantaneously and call necessary help for fixing the main line. This saves costs and enhances maintenance, besides keeping the entrepreneur updated about all the whereabouts.

We are a one-stop IT-service provider, endeavoring to take up your business to the next level. We provide unmatched technological solutions through IoT that solve real-life business problems. We expertise in IIoT technology providing solutions to manufacturing industries and all other industries and business sectors. Our key IIoT workspace includes:

  • Fetching Industrial Motor parameters
  • Preventive Machine Data Analysis
  • Mobile App alerting
  • MIS Dashboard

We are here to help you build your own smart industry, through customized end to end solutions. Innovate with us and give your business the necessary momentum. Get in touch with us at +91-8285297773. We are here to make production easier and accurate for you.